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MUNITIO headphones are the best smartphone headphones ever made for gun owners, period.

Best buds ever.

The Munitio NINES are something slightly different that if you love to listen to music, then I can indeed recommend you put these into your ears for what might be an awesome music listening experience.

These are my favorite product to use while training. Great products.

I use them both the PRO40 and NINES.  Whether I be rocking on the stage, in these studio or going thru the airport.  I love the desire that MUNITIO has to get it rite the first time.

It’s the very definition of premium.

These are amazing.  When Im in the studio Im definitely using my PRO40.

When I first got these headphones I was really impressed by the structure, the sleekness, the durability, the comfort and sound.

I just like the fact that MUNITIO has come out with a product that is comfortable and sounds great.

These PRO40s are awesome and they crush all other headphones out there.

MUNITIO earphones have the smoothest, most natural response I’ve ever heard in a pair of in-ears.
– Kenny Barto

Best in-ear headphones I’ve heard thus far. BEATS the competition hands down! (pun intended)
– Rook

It’s very rare that you find a product which works just as good as it looks. MUNITIO headphones do both flawlessly. I use them daily and love em.
– Colione

It’s all about the music and that’s what the NINES really do for me.

The sound quality was of the highest quality, both in testing on phone calls and with listening to various kinds of music. I liked the compact design of the earphones, and, of course, their cool sleek look.

The actual quality and the way they were put together really got to me.

Extremely powerful audio performance, with deep, distortion-free bass and clear highs.

What makes the Nines Tactical Earphones so unique is the design – individually machined, high-density copper alloy casing with a titanium-coated finish.

To hear a full frequency of a recording, you don’t even have to turn it up that loud..

Carved from a sleek chassis of aircraft grade aluminum and high strength polymer and stocked with titanium-coated drivers, these headphones aren’t kidding around.

I have to let you know they are the best earbud headphones I have ever heard… maybe some of the best headphones period.  The construction and the sound are unbelievable. I have no idea how you get that much sound out of such a small driver.

Love em, been using them for everything while traveling – doing edits, listening to music, shopping for new tracks, and they look super cool!

PRO40 headphones fit well from the beginning and didn’t require any tweaking to get optimal comfort.

The sound is unlike anything I’ve heard in an ear bud to date and the 9MM shell casing is straight up dope.  These are the illest earphones on the market. Hands down.

EDITORS CHOICE AWARD – better than headphones I’ve heard at double the price – in a much smaller package. Some of the best sounding in-ear headphones I’ve ever experienced and they are definitely the coolest I’ve ever seen in my life.

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