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We are getting closer everyday to the finalization of the PRO30. However, like so many projects currently being created in the world, production never goes off without a hitch and sometimes obstacles tend to slow things down.  We have been recently testing and fine-tuning the audio dynamics, engineering, and frequency response curves to deliver the best possible audio experience from a 30 Millimeter Driver.

We could have easily made the headphone on the cheap and delivered months ago while pocketing profits, but that simply is not an option. At our core we are designers and creators. So of course we continue tinkering and pushing the boundaries of what this headphone can actually be. We’ve invested quite a bit of our own money and time to make this headphone what you see now. We believe in putting our best foot forward and releasing the best product possible within our capability, otherwise it would be a compromise.

As a result the PRO30 is becoming an even more amazing of headphone than we initially promised you and here’s why…

We have now developed:

• Decreased ear-cup housings for more compatibility.
• Magnetic engagement for swapping out ear cushions
• Smoothed headband padding, further improving comfort
• Increased Bluetooth range
• Improved acoustic tuning for better audio quality
• Optimized electronics
• 20% more rigid frame

Another thing we have been putting work into is the PRO30 pouch and box. It’s important for us to deliver on high end quality all the way around and not just the core product. The box will not only be cost effective but will be sleek and minimal, just like our product design and branding. It’s important for us to be environmentally responsible while still delivering an experience you won’t forget.

Here is a teaser pic of the box prototype along with the pouch, ear cushions and final PRO30 prototypes




Again, we Thank You so much for supporting and for being patient with us.

::. Daniel Massaro

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