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REFINEMENT | Design is a game of inches, or in this case millimeters. On its way to manufacturing, PRO30 is getting stronger, sleeker, and more intuitive – while staying true to the soul of the product. Through our process of iterating and prototyping with our manufacturers, our team is able to give even the smallest details the attention they deserve.

In keeping with our monthly format, we wanted to stop, take a breath, and check in with another PRO30 development update. It’s hard to believe that is has only been 30 days; working overseas with our manufacturers has really scrambled our concept of time. With countless hotel check-ins, taxis, adventurous cuisine, etc… it’s fair to say that working in a foreign country for that duration qualifies as a life experience. The rate of progress has been amazing.

We have gone through two new rounds of prototypes, and have fired off our fully-engineered design for first sampling. We’re staying true to our goal of moving the bar forward for an on-ear headphone in terms of sound quality, design, and durability. These rapid iterations have allowed us to hone in on the details that will make this a reality. A major focus has been ergonomics. The best engineering in the world won’t make a difference if this product isn’t comfortable and complimentary to the user’s profile. We’ve all seen the headphones that look great on the shelf, and clunky on a human. Considering this, we’ve carefully contoured our headband to conform accurately to a variety of head profiles, without large gaps, and without pressure points.

Also, through some clever engineering and battery placement, we were able to reduce the profile of our earcups. This makes for a dense and minimal look, and is consistent with PRO30’s mission to be a compact, mobile headphone. From a design sense, the real beauty of PRO30 and all MUNITIO products is going to come from the materials used.

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