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We’re thrilled to be able to post the first development update on the PRO30. Thanks to you, we have plenty to report; this has been a very eventful month for the MUNITIO team.

The first step in bringing this product to life – and resurrecting the MUNITIO brand – was getting boots back on the ground for in-person meetings with our manufacturers in Asia. Daniel, Ryan, and Arian headed up this effort, cramming into economy seats for the journey to Hong Kong.

Our priority for the trip was making sure that our manufacturing partnerships were rock-solid. Executing this product will require full commitment from the best headphone builders in the world. The successful Kickstarter campaign was instrumental in illustrating the momentum behind the MUNITIO brand, and re-igniting excitement amongst our suppliers.

With our partners energized, Daniel headed back home, while Ryan and Arian remain on-site with the manufacturers – working to realize the product we’ve designed. This approach represents a major philosophical difference between MUNITIO and many other brands. As companies become ever leaner, design and engineering is often outsourced. Many companies no longer employ a design team – instead relying on project managers who never visit the factory. In this attempt at getting by with less, fine details are inevitably lost, and it is these details that separate a good product from a great one.

We’re so excited to go through the process of making PRO30 a truly great and enduring product, and we can’t wait to share details with you. Please stand by for more updates soon.







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