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Per our last update, MUNITIO was in the process of acquiring certifications from the government as well as awaiting our final production samples so that we could undergo testing before “green lighting” our final production on the PRO30. We have been extremely busy since our last update because upon testing our final samples that MUNITIO had received, we found that the samples did not meet the standards that have been set in place by previous generations of MUNITIO products.

With that said, we are sure your next question is what was wrong with the final production samples. The following is a list if what we have found that needed adjustments.

• Headband : clamp force is still too weak – Headphone falls off head with sudden or hard head movement. 

• Earpad magnets are not strong enough and pop off too easily. We are currently testing stronger magnets. 

• The arm sliders need adjustment, they should be smoother. Currently, you can’t pull the arms down if there is tension on the band. Obviously that isn’t acceptable, because people usually pull the headphone down over their head in one motion (adjusting as they put it on).




What does this mean?

It is a common occurrence for projects to be behind schedule because of errors found in production samples. The good news is that we are just about finished finalizing all of these adjustments, so we can deliver to you, our backers, a product that meets the quality reputation that MUNITIO is known for. We underestimated the time it takes to tune and refine a Bluetooth headphone. Our ultimate goal is to present a final product that stands out both aesthetically and sonically, especially since most Bluetooth headphones sound so processed, which by our standard is unacceptable.

The updates currently in process will not slow down our previous timeline by much. Since our last update we have hired a new full time engineer who is currently working out these adjustments and MUNITIO will once again travel to Asia towards the end of June to oversee the next final production samples. We are doing this to circumvent any issues that may arise during these final tweaks for the PRO30 and so that we do not have to wait on any unnecessary shipping of samples to and from China before “green lighting” final production.

We are still within our expected timeline to have our final production commence this summer. We once again thank you for being patient with us and just so you know we aren’t that far off from our previous timeline. We expect to have a final product in your hand by the end of the summer.

Thank you so much for your continued support and dedication. Soon you will know why we went through all this trouble and added expense.

Expect more frequency on our updates now that we are closing in on completion.


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