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We’re extremely excited to pull back the veil a little bit more on PRO30 and share with you some of the enhancements that we’ve been working on. Innovations always come up during the engineering process.

Two of MUNITIO’s core values have always been and will remain design integrity and longevity. Part of what differentiates us in this industry is that we challenge ourselves to design and manufacture enduring, iconic products that stay relevant as tastes and technology evolve. For all the guitar junkies out there – we’re looking to develop the Stratocaster or Les Paul of headphones. To that end, we’re meticulous about getting the design details right at this early stage in the game. We also want to make you proud and deliver beyond your expectations.

First and most importantly, we’ve refined and slimmed the silhouette of the ear cup. Dialing this in was an iterative process and we’re very happy with the results. While wearing the PRO30, you’ll notice that the new earcup shape perfectly complements your natural profile and you’ll notice that this is truly one of the most mobile headphones on the market. We’ve sucked out all of the unnecessary air – while optimizing electronics and acoustic volume – leaving behind nothing but a perfectly tuned sound producing machine.

150827 Earcup Comp 04

The second innovation that we want to share with you is our new headband padding. In an approach unique to this industry, we’ve gone away from the single bar pad and employed segmented closed-cell polyurethane foam. These segments are free to conform individually to the contours of the user’s head, allowing the compliant foam to do its job of alleviating pressure points, and resulting in unmatched comfort for long listening sessions. We feel that this is going to cement PRO30’s status as a comfort and durability benchmark for years to come.

150827 Headband Comp 02

As thrilled as we are with these design upgrades, the decision to implement them has weighed heavily on us, due to the impact that this iterative design process has on our development timeline. We know that so many loyal supporters can’t wait to get their hands on this product and as a start-up, we can’t wait to release it and continue building momentum! However, when choosing between timing and product quality, MUNITIO will choose quality every time. We’re here to stay, and we hope each of our products will be too. Currently, we’re looking to start shipping PRO30 mid November. The design is set. At this point, it’s all about the continued execution.

We thank you so much for your support and welcome your feedback. We cannot wait to share with you photos of our tooling process, acoustic tuning and electronics design. Many exciting things coming soon!

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