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MUNITIO R&D checking in with another status update on PRO30. This month, we’re ready to share some details that all of us at MUNITIO obsess over – materials. Also, we’re crossing a huge milestone in this journey: from here out, these updates will contain REAL PHOTOS of PRO30 prototypes and manufacturing. I know that you all loved the beautiful 3D renders you saw last month, but those days are officially behind us.

Let’s dive right into it. First, as promised, the PRO30 earcups will each be CNC machined from billet aircraft-grade aluminum. This will sound familiar to those experienced with car and motorcycle aftermarket performance parts, and for good reason. Our earcups share many performance requirements with racing components. Light weight, high strength, tight tolerance, and total design freedom. CNC machining is not the cheapest or fastest way to manufacture, but the results speak for themselves.

151001 Cup 01.2

The process behind each PRO30 component is carefully chosen to match that component’s performance needs. The arms which connect the earcups to the headband are no exception. As a highly-stressed and critical link, these arms simply cannot be under-designed. When your headphone is packed away in your luggage, and your bag is getting thrown haphazardly from plane to ferry to taxi, it’s these arms that will be absorbing the brunt of that load. For that reason, we’ve chosen to cast the arms from aluminum. Further, we’ve given a lot of attention to the shape and profile of the arms, minimizing stress concentrations and building in strength without adding weight.

151001 Arm 01

Lastly, we want to highlight a component which is perhaps less glamorous than the aforementioned parts but equally as important when it comes to strength and reliability: the all-important slider housing. The slider housing contains the mechanism to adjust the size of the PRO30 headband, and has been stamped from high-grade stainless steel. Stamped stainless steel provides the necessary rigidity to keep the slider functioning smoothly despite whatever abuse this headphone might take. Of course, like the rest of the components, the finish is beautiful –

151001 Slider 01

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