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Enhanced acoustics engineered to deliver unmatched purity and minimal distortion, the NINES enveloping, versatile sound is well balanced for all music genres.


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MUNITIO NINES: Tactical 9mm Earphones with In-Line Mic

Enhanced acoustics engineered to deliver unmatched purity and minimal distortion, the NINES enveloping, versatile sound is well balanced for all music genres.

Amplified Sound and Strength

Built with aircraft-grade metals and materials, the NINES progressive, provocative design heightens performance and durability. Each driver housing is machined out of a solid piece of copper alloy, specifically tuned for optimal resonant response. The scratch-resistant titanium coating adds a protective layer against daily wear and tear. The NINES also feature MUNITIO's proprietary aramid reinforced cable with an Apple certified 3-button [M]ic Volume Control and Android compatible 1-button [M]ic Control.

Bass Enhancing Chamber and Full Spectrum Audio

Rare earth Neodymium 9mm dynamic drivers fill MUNITIO's proprietary Bass Enhancing Chamber resulting in crystal clear mids, smooth highs and thundering, distortion-free bass. Authentic, full spectrum audio performance produced by very few in-ear headphones, coupled with MUNITIO's Silicone Hollow Point tips effectively isolate sound and prioritize comfort for long listening sessions.

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  1. Rene Banuelos


    I dont go anywhere without my NINES. The only premium head phones worth the money and more!!!

  2. Justin "GOSPELFUNKADELIC" Anderson


    My Silver Nines go everywhere with me. on the job, to church, on the train, in my car….even to Walmart !!!!! These in-ear buds are LEGIT !!!! Superb quality and the craftsmenship is insane… Everyone I show these to is like.. WOW and WHOA !!!!!

  3. Mark Shoell


    Best damn headphones I’ve ever heard. The first Munitio product I tried were the MW3 Billets and after hearing those I never wanted any other brand of headphones. Let me just say that the sound quality of the nines is at least triple the quality of beats, or any others I’ve heard for that matter, and yet half the price too. I had a pair of nines for over a year, and then sadly they were washed in my washing machine. Guess what. Still ran just fine for another 2 years before 1 side finally went out. HAD to buy me another pair. GET SOME.

  4. Sera


    Very happy with my nines. I bought the gold one and love the design and sound of it. Perfect for music and movies. Matches with my iPhone and Android devices.

  5. Drew Perry


    The NINES are the best headphones I have ever came across. I am a very passionate music lover and I came across Munitio, liked their story and reputation so I bought the headphones trusting other passionate music lovers. To say the least: I was blown away. The quality of these headphones are the best in the business and the sound is way ahead of its time. I’ve joined the Munitio family and I never plan on leaving it. Don’t fall for the mainstream trap! Fall in love with quality!

  6. Ocu Mu Dez


    Absolutely brilliant and best IEM ever tested and bought. Very good quality with nice carving image, more robust construction and braided wired cable can prevent from cables snapped. Pair with both my Iphone and HI-FIMAN player create better soundstage with bigger can 🙂 Nothing flaw about this earphone …

  7. David

    (verified owner):

    I rarely write reviews so this is big deal. just received my first set of Nines. To give you some background, I discovered Munitio through Kickstarter. As a startup entrepreneur I was extremely impressed with how much love the company leadership had for their brand. I’ve heard many stories about startups that get bought out only to be disappointed about what happened to their company once it was taken over. It is a rare occurrence that the former owner buys back their company and that’s exactly what Munitio did. I have the utmost respect for this company and the values they put behind their products.

    With that said, I signed up for a pair of PRO30’s. In following them I learned about their other products and decided to purchase a couple sets of Nines to replace my lame Apple earbuds. I just opened them and played one of my favorite songs, Gin and Juice, by Snoop Dogg. From the pouring of the drink at the beginning to the end of the song I felt like D-O-double G and his crew were in my office singing with me. I love these Nines! I also highly recommend playing Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z. Great bass tones.

    Thanks Munitio, keep the solid sounds coming!


  8. Noble


    Honestly, with these you are getting a sound quality that exceeds the price point…so 10 points.

    I’m the type that is plugged in 24/7. Work, home, gym, pool hall, dinner out, everywhere.Though construction feels top dollar; the cable has tangling issues and after 4 months of non stop use I’ve shorted out one of the buds. Your own mileage may vary. I very much like these buds and will probably convince myself to buy another set. though I’d improve the design by switching to an elbow Jack rather than a straight plug in.

  9. John


    I was lucky enough to be gifted a set of black Nines. The sound quality is amazing. I mainly use these when I ride my motorcycle and they perform flawlessly. They have so much power I can hear every beat, even at 70 mph.

    Now I can’t wait to get my Pro 30s.

  10. David

    (verified owner):

    Just purchased my second pair of Nines after my first pair FINALLY gave up after almost 3 yeas!! I was an avid V-Moda user before I stumbled upon these bad boys in January 2013. Being a staunch Drum & Bass and Jungle fanatic for about 20 years, I’m all about the bass, and these babies deliver it non-stop, all day. Perfect for every day commuting, or global gallivanting, that titanium coating and kevlar cord stood the test of time, being stuffed into jacket pockets and suitcases alike, holding fast the whole time. It was finally the drivers that waved their white flag of surrender – I guess you really can have too much bass… Can’t wait to get my new pair!

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