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Revealed | PRO30

Thank you so much for your patience.  We really appreciate the support that each of you has provided. We know the anticipation for MUNITIO’s first bluetooth headphone is building and we can’t wait to deliver.  With an estimated delivery date originally set for mid September, we want to acknowledge that we are currently running a couple months behind schedule.

Your trust, patience and loyalty is our fuel while we continue to make the PRO30 a reality and want to assure that you will be proud owners.  We are honored to have such awesome supporters and feel the love every time we post something for our community.

We’re currently readying our next and hopefully final, fully functional prototypes.  Once this is approved we can move forward into the full phase of production.

Here is a summary of the exciting changes made on the new prototype:
– 5% size decrease of ear-cups in order to make the headphone more compact
– Magnetic snap engagement for ear-pads
– Headband padding has been smoothed, further improving ergonomics
– Polish and plating processes have been improved, for more durable finish
– Bluetooth antenna relocated to increase working range

As promised, no more renders.  Below we reveal an actual photo of the current stage of the PRO30.  As you can see we are right around the bend from full-on production and are now looking at an estimated delivery date in early February, 2016.

151116 PRO30 Shot 1

Thank you again for your patience and continued support.  – Best, MUNITIO

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