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I know all of you are eager to get your new PRO30 headphones. We Thank You for your continued patience and for allowing us to carry on with the company’s vision of creating the best, uncompromising headphones in the market.


External design mechanics are complete.

Last update we had the pleasure of sharing the latest mechanical prototype. After receiving this model we wasted no time consulting with some of the world’s top music and design industry leaders to get their feedback. We are now near the point of feeling confident enough to release production of tooling, with the exception of a few details:

Ergonomics – We had to go back to the drawing board to refine the clamping force of the PRO30 headband. Our goal is to make them exceptionally comfortable, yet tight enough to stay on during rigorous use. Many of you will be using the headphones to perform music, to workout, to travel, as well as relax. All of these factors come into play prior to the release. I am happy to report that you will thoroughly enjoy wearing the headphone comfortably for hours without the clamp force being too tight. We wanted to deliver a compact headphone that not only performed and looked great, but also felt luxurious.

Range – Bluetooth range is something that we are pushing our limits on. Being that the housing of the earcups are machined out of aircraft grade aluminum rather than plastic we are dealing with the challenge of placing the Bluetooth receptor in a discreet location within the headphone so as to not catch interference with the earcup housing. We are in current testing of the full range and looking to improve it’s current state.

Happy New Year – Around this time each year manufacturers from around the globe doing business in Asia must halt operations as celebrations of the Chinese New Year begin. This will add at least another 2 weeks downtime and delay for the completion of the PRO30.

Making headphones is nothing new to us. Integrating the latest Bluetooth technology into them is. We’ve opted not to take the standard pre-fabricated route that most headphone companies use. We are actually engineering the internals ourselves that will sustain the simplest functioning yet sophisticated Bluetooth technology available. These things take time, and unfortunately, longer than we anticipated.

The team and I have made a commitment to ship a thoroughly tested product rather than our first iteration of the PRO30. As soon as we get all tooling completed we will have a definite production schedule and will not hesitate to let you guys know. These nuance revisions and improvements will add a couple of months to our time table.

We know some of you might need to update your shipping address.  Please send us a DM and we will help with that.

Again, we Thank You for your patience, understanding and continued support.

Daniel Massaro

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