Daniel Massaro

Speed, precision and volume have enthralled founder Daniel Massaro for as long as he can remember. The La Jolla native grew up racing motorcycles, playing drums and mixing hip-hop tracks with live rock instrumentation. The fact that he later established Massaro,Inc. in a former weapons prototyping facility (to build racing components for DUCATI motorcycles) was pure coincidence. It was there that Massaro developed a keen interest and respect for Military Specification design and function, which are incorporated into all MUNITIO products from headphones to pouches and the cases they come in. 

“Manufacturing motorcycle racing components was a very specialized field, so it was not a booming business, per se,” says Massaro.“But I loved it. I loved how precise these parts needed to be to perform at their optimum levels. This gave me all the insight and training I would need in manufacturing to merge along with my musical production background to create a line of high-end, high-performing headphones.”

Massaro Ducati CC

Massaro began developing in-ear headphones and after extensive testing found that a 9mm driver gave the broadest range for the sound signature he was looking for. A driver of that size, it turns out, fit perfectly inside the shell of 9mm bullet casing. This is where "the Nines" were born. 


“The form absolutely followed function,” says Massaro, who began carving the exterior of the earphones to the exact specification of a 9mm bullet casing out of his workshop in San Diego, California. “Sound was always the very first consideration, so this did not start as a type of gimmick — though it easily could have if I would have made it on the cheap. But instead I wanted this to be the cornerstone for a serious audio company with serious products and eye-catching designs.” This is where the emergence of Copper, machined Aluminum, Titanium and Kevlar became the cornerstones of every MUNITIO product built to this day.
Massaro’s eye-catching creation experienced instant success, which culminated in a Special Edition collaboration with the most successful video game title of all time, Call of Duty. MUNITIO rapidly moved into the “serious” category with the release of its PRO40 (with 40mm drivers), high-performance, over-the-ear headphones receiving an array of audio, design awards and accolades.

Pro30 Testing

MUNITIO is currently expanding its line to include a complete line of "tactical" wireless headphones, all of which will be loud, fast and exact. “I only get involved in what moves me,” Massaro says. “and never get involved or start a project unless I am truly invested and passionate about it.”